Mariah Carey – Looking In Chord Progression on Piano & Ukulele

This is the chords of Looking In by Mariah Carey on Piano, Ukulele, Guitar and Keyboard.

Em  Bsus7/F#  Em/G  Am 
 Em/B  F#/B  Bsus7  B7

[Verse 1]
    Em             B7 
You look at me and see
     Em/G  Bsus7
 the girl
Who lives in-side the
  Bsus7 D   Gmaj7 G7
 gol - den world
    Am           Bsus7 B7
But don't believe
       Em        Em/D  C#m7b5
That's all there is to see
You'll never know the 
 B7   Emadd9
real me

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[Verse 2]
She smiles through a
 Bsus7    Em/G  Bsus7
 thousand tears
    Em      Bsus7 D       Gmaj7 G7
And harbors ado - lescent fears
    Am            Bsus7 B7
She dreams of all
     Em      Em/D  C#m7b5
That she can never be
    Am           B7  Em
She wades in insecurity
    Am              B7  
And hides herself inside
 of me

F#m7b5 B7        Em      
Don't  say, "She takes it
 D       Cmaj7
 all for granted"
F#m7b5 B7     Em     D     Gmaj7
I'm    well aware of all 
I have
F#m7b5 B7         Em  
Don't  think that I am 
 D    Cmaj7
D            E Em
Please understand

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[Verse 4]
It seems as though I've 
 B7     Em/G Bsus7
always been
    Em           Bsus7 D
Somebody outside loo - 
    Gmaj7  G7
king in
      Am        Bsus7 B7
Well, here I am
    Em     Em/D    C#m7b5
for all of them to bleed
    Am/C               B7   
But they can't take my heart
 from me
And they can't bring me 
 B7    Em
to my knees
        Am/C           B7   Emadd9
They'll never know the real me