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14 April 2017


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Let your power flow in this place

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let you healing come in this place

i call for signs and wonders in this place

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let your presence show o—- in this place

Anointing fall on me

your mercy will i see

just like the days when power part the sea

your power remain the same yes you never change

Fi agb ra re un(3times)

                                  onyeoma                 }  (2times)

i worship you alagba wi ni o

i adore jehovah eledumare

i depend on you agba ni la gba ton oba

your convenant is sure

yes you never change

(Repeating Anointing fall on me)

your Glory will i see

(Repeat chorus)(All)

iye le le — la (8times)

(Repeat Chorus Xtimes)

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