CHORDS: Wendyam Kabre – Let Go Of Me Chords on Piano & Ukulele

This is the chords of Let Go Of Me by Wendyam Kabre on Piano, Ukulele, Guitar and Keyboard.
C Cmaj7 F Fmaj7
[Verse 1]
I'll give you all my 
But I don't think that's 
  C                  Cmaj7
I need you by my side
But I know that you'll 
get by

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[Verse 2]
C               Cmaj7
Don't call me up
F                 Fm
Don't hit my phone
C              Cmaj7       
You don't need me so just 
  F          Fm
leave me alone
C        Cmaj7
If I respond
      F             Fm
I'll strengthen our bond
C        Cmaj7            F   
I cannot have that go do what 
you want

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[Verse 3]
C           Cmaj7   
You should leave me 
   Dm   Fmaj7
all behind
C          Cmaj7    
I hope its something 
    Dm           Fmaj7
good you'll find
C          Cmaj7     
But I just think I'm 
   Dm          Fmaj7
scared of you
C            Cmaj7   
I guess that means I 
    Dm         Fmaj     C
like you too