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07 July 2017

CHORDS: Tiwa Savage – All Over Chord Progression on Piano, Guitar and Keyboard…

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Tiwa Savage latest song all over chord progression is available, nice tune from the Boss Lady.  
The key of the song is C# and the chords are C#, A#m, F#, G#, which are also Doh, Lah, Fah, Doh in solfa notation.
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This is how to play All Over by Tiwa Savage on Guitar, Piano or keyboard


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Baby Fresh on the beat and it’s killing them all of course (G#)                                       

It’s killing them all of course (C#)

[Verse 1

Make we scatter this place tonight (C#)

Dance and sweating like say na fight (A#m)

We must to settle this thing tonight (yeah) (F#)

Come let us catch some feelings for night (G#)

And if you tell me say make I bend low (C#)

I no go waste time but to do like so (A#m)

Iba di mi jo ibadi mi jo disco (F#)

This loving loving no be chop and go (G#)


Na because of you wey I get goosebumps (C#)

All over, all over (A#m)

This feeling got me falling (F#)

All over, all over (G#)

E get as the something dey do me for body oh (C#)

All over, all over (A#m)

I make you make we spend this money oh (F#)

All over, all over (G#)
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