CHORDS: Tim Heidecker – Trump Tower Chords on Piano & Ukulele

These are the chords for Trump Tower by Tim Heidecker on Piano, Ukulele, Guitar, and Keyboard
F C Dm C Bb F Gm7 C (x2)
[Verse 1]
F       C   Bb       
Since 2010 he's been 
the butt of my jokes
 Dm               Bb  
And the special guest 
        C      F       C
in my darker dreams
F                       C  Bb   
And I guess I thought when he'd 
eventually choke
Dm             Bb  
I'd get to go back 
    C          F      C
to my little scene
           F           F7 
Now he's risen to the top 
    Bb    Bbm
of world power
     F                    Dm   
And all my friends, they say I 
should scrub my history

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                F       C   
Well, they can take me down 
        Dm        C      Bb
to the bowels of Trump Tower
     F             C            Dm 
And put me on the rack next to all 
       C               Bb
of my brown and black brothers
     F               C        
And make me pledge allegiance 
        Dm      C         Bb
to the hashtag MAGA, no other
     F               C        Dm   
And rip my arms and legs off while 
     C              Bb
I'm crying for my mother
             F    C           
But I'll be hell-bent to call 
      Bb            F
that motherfucker President
Dm    Bb C  F   C
               F                C   
Well, you can bury me up to my ears 
         Bb          F
in that quick dry cement
Dm    Bb C  F   C
F                   C               
 Thank God for the First Amendment, 
  Bb         F
 letting me vent
Dm    Bb C  F

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