CHORDS: Tim Hawkins – Jimmy Buffett For President Chords on Piano & Ukulele

These are the chords for Jimmy Buffett For President by Tim Hawkins on Piano, Ukulele, Guitar, and Keyboard
C                 F
I had a wonderful dream last night
G                      C
It was two thousand sixteen
C                           F
The politcal partys finally getting 
   G                         C
Re-elected the Commander and Chief
F                     C
History in the Making first 
time Candidate
G                        C
Won’t ever sing the last vote
But at the swear’in in, 
he was nowhere to be found
           D7                G
Cuz he was sailin’ away on a boat
          F           G    
Now we’re all wearing flip 
flops the suits are gone
F          G              C
Palm trees swayin’ on the white 
house lawn.
F      G            C
Parrot heads in the parkin’ lot
A Cheese Burger in every pot..
F               G      
We got Margaritaville, 
it’s our national song
             F         G           C
And theres a wonman to blame if it all 
goes wrong
F        G           Am
Approval rating is a hundred percent
    F     G       
Cuz Jimmy Buffett 
       C          C7
is the President
F                      C
No long speeches, Just white 
sandy beaches
G                       C
Yeah, we got nothin’ to lose
   F                   C
No Bush or Obama, Just Tommy Bahama
G                       C
sponge cake and a new tatoo
I’m just strumin’ my six string
C                       G     
Out on the west wing, I smell 
the shrimp beginning to boil
                F            C
Hey what’s that glare on the capitol 
         D7                  G
just the senators covered in oil…

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F   C   G   C
F   C   G   C
         F           G     
Now it’s fins to the left, 
fins to the right
F    G            C
Come Monday it’ll be alright
F      G      C
No filabuster no grid lock
The time is permanently five o’clock
F               G     
We got Margaritaville 
is the national song
         F        G         
Theres a woman to blame but 
its probably my fault
F        G             Am
Approval rating is one hundred 
percent, because
F     G              C
Jimmy Buffett is the President
F     G              C
Jimmy Buffett is the President
F     G              C
Jimmy Buffett is the President
F     C    G   C
F     C    G   C