CHORDS: The Rascals – My World Piano & Ukulele Chord Progression and Tab

This is the chords of My World by The Rascals on Piano, Ukulele, Guitar and Keyboard.


[Verse 1]
Dm               Cm             F             Bb             Cm
Aaaaah, oh, my world, it’s getting much better
Dm                         Gm
There’s laughter instead of tears and sorrow
Bb                                     Cm
My world really is something
Dm                                     Gm
It’s making my heart sing and it keeps me smiling

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Dm                                     Eb
I could never change my feelings
Gm                                                             C
‘Cause I wouldn’t be happy (you must understand me)
Dm                         Eb                                     C7
Couldn’t ever go on seeing the change, hey now

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[Verse 2]
Bb                                     Cm
My world is always exciting
Dm                                                 Gm
Should be inviting you to come with me to
Bb                                     Cm
My world rolls along nicely
Dm                             Gm
Sometimes precisely and free

Dm                                                       Eb
I would never change what’s coming
Gm                                                                         C
Must believe me, honey (it’s too much funny)
Dm                                     Eb
Shouldn’t have to care or bother
Just to go on farther (you know you’ve gotta)
So come on through


[Verse 3]
Dm       Cm             F             Bb             Cm
Aaaaah, oh, my world, it’s always a party
Dm                                                 Gm
Love everybody and everything in
Bb                                   Cm
My world, there’s lots of people…

Gm                                                 F
Won’t you come with me? (baby, won’t you come?)
Gm                         F
Won’t you come with me?
Gm F Gm F Gm F Gm
Won’t you come with me?