CHORDS: The Lettermen – Morning Girl Chords on Piano & Ukulele

These are the chords for Morning Girl by The Lettermen on Piano, Ukulele, Guitar, and Keyboard
Cmaj7  F (2x)
[Verse 1]
Cmaj7    G  Am         Em
Mornin' girl, how'd ya sleep 
last night?
  F            Cmaj7
You're sev'ral ages older now
  F             Cmaj7
Your eyes have started showin' how
  F  E            Am          F  C
The little girl's growin' now

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[Verse 2]
    G          Am        Em
Mornin' girl, was that you 
last night?
   F   Cmaj7
Crying on the radio
   F          Cmaj7
Beggin' for a way to go
   F       E7           Am
Back where love wasn't jumbled so
         F       Em          Am  
Oh, no, things are different now 
          G     Em   Am
than they were before
     F         E7        Am      D7
You know love is more than kisses
A whole lot more

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[Verse 3]
Cmaj7   G  Am 
Mornin' girl, 
         Em           Fmaj7
put your dreams away
And read your box of 
And powder-puff that pretty nose
F                        E7  
And go out and find your man 
 Am                        Fm
where the wild wind blows
        Cmaj7     F
Mornin' girl
Cmaj7    F   (3x) Fade…