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21 July 2017

CHORDS: Steve Crown – You Are Great Chord Progression on Piano, Guitar and Keyboard…

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Chord progression of You Are Great by Steve Crown

The song has been making wave for a very long time and because of some request, we had to post this. This song has a very calm, smooth and sweet melody.

We are going to be playing this song on C, so you can transpose your keyboard to whichever Key you want to use and also use your capo to change key with ease.

Are you Finding it difficult playing on this key? Use our Guitar & Ukulele Tab Generator to master all Chord shapes and start playing on all keys.

The chords are easy, playing on Key C the chords are:


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while on Solfas or solfa notation, the chords are Doh, Fah, Doh and Soh

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