CHORDS: Sheena Mullan – 90 Miles From Dublin Chords on Piano & Ukulele

These are chords by Sheena Mullan on Piano, Ukulele, Guitar, and Keyboard

[Verse 1]
    D      Am         C    
I’m ninety miles from Dublin
  G        D    G       D
 Town I’m in a H-Block cell
   D        F#m   G     
To help you understand me 
  D                 Am       G
plight this story now I’ll tell
    D      F#m     G  D   
I’m on the Blanket Protest 
            Am       G
my efforts must not fail
        D         Am      C    
For I’m joined by men and women
 G      D        G      D
 in the Kesh and Armagh Gaol
[Verse 2]
   D     Am      C   G  
It all began one morning 
       D          G     D
I was dragged to Castlerea
    D         F#m       G   
And though it was three years 
   D                Am    G
ago it seems like yesterday
    D          F#m        G  D  
For three days kicked and beaten 
            Am        G
I then was forced to sign
   D        Am      C      G 
Confessions that convicted me 
    D          G        D
of deeds that were not mine
[Verse 3]
D         Am     C     
Sentenced in the Diplock
  G         D       G    D
 courts my protest it began
  D         F#m       G    
I could not wear this prison 
  D            Am      G
gear I was a Blanket Man
     D    F#m       G  D  
I’ll not accept the status
             Am      G
 I’ll not be criminalised
D          Am    C      G     
That’s the issue in the Blocks 
     D        G        D
for which we give our lives
[Verse 4]
D    Am       C      G  
Over there in London Town
  D          G         D
 how they’d laugh and sneer
   D          F#m  G       D  
If they could only make us wear
                  Am     G
 their loathsome prison gear
D            F#m        G  
Prisoners of War that's what 
     D               Am     G
we are and that we must remain
    D       Am      C       
The Blanket Protest must not
 G        D      G    D
 end till status we regain
[Verse 5]
          D      Am      
I’ve been beaten round the
  C      G      D  
 romper room because 
     G         D
I won’t say sir
          D           F#m
I've been Frogmarched down 
      G  D             
the landing and dragged 
        Am     G
back by the hair
     D        F#m  G  D  
I’ve suffered degradation 
       Am     G
humility and pain
      D      Am       C   G 
Still spirit does not falter 
         D       G     D
british torture is in vain

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[Verse 6]
          D       Am       C  G
I’ve been held in scalding water 
           D         G 
while me back with deck 
scrubs was torn
          D             F#m     
I've been scratched and cut from 
 G       D                
head to foot and thrown out 
   Am     G
on the floor
D        F#m    G    D      
Suffered mirror searches and 
           Am      G
probed by drunken bears
     D        Am        C      
I’ve heard my comrades’ cry and 
 G          D     G       D
scream and utter useless prayers

[Verse 7]
    D        Am          C     
Now with the news that’s coming
 G      D       G        D
in the Protest must not fail
    D         F#m       G     
For now we're joined by thirty
 D               Am     G
 girls in Armagh Womens Gaol
   D   F#m       G    D  
So pay attention Irishmen 
          Am    G
and Irishwomen too
D        Am         C  G  
Show the Free State rulers 
       D       G        D
their silence will not do

[Verse 8]
           D      Am         C    
Though its ninety miles from Dublin
  G       D        G    D
 Town it seems so far away
        D    F#m       G     
There's more attention to our
 D             Am  G
 plight in the USA
D          F#m       G   D   
Now you’ve heard the story of
             Am     G
 this filthy living hell
D        Am     C      G  
Remember ninety miles away 
       D     G       D
still in an H-Block cell