CHORDS: Rodgers & Hammerstein – Oklahoma – Kansas City Chords on Piano & Ukulele

These are the chords for Oklahoma – Kansas City by Rodgers & Hammerstein on Piano, Ukulele, Guitar, and Keyboard
C                          F7
I went to Kansas City on a Friday
   G                             C
By Saturday I learned a thing or two
But up 'till then 
I didn't have an idea
G                                   C
Of what the mod'rn world was comin' to.
G C              G   Em      
I counted twenty gas buggies 
 D    G  Em
goin' by their selves
D            D7            G    C
Almost every time I took a walk
G                 C   
An' then I put my ear 
     D     Em
to a bell telephone
      D                          G
An' a strange woman started into talk.
(To you?)
What next! Yeah what??

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C                  G7   
Everything's up to date 
          C      G7
in Kansas City
     C             E7  
They gone about as fer 
as they can go
     D7               G7         
They went an' built a skyscraper 
C     E7      Am
seven stories high
G                  D7       
About as high as a buildin' 
     G     F  G7
orta grow.
C                   G7    
Everything's like a dream 
          C      G7
in Kansas City
     C             E7    
It's better than a magic 
lantern show.
    D7           G7       
You can turn the radiator 
   C            E7        Am
on whenever you want some heat
     D             G7      
With every kind of comfort 
      C        E7  Am
every house is all complete.
C         F        E7      Am 
You could walk the privees in 
     Fm6     C     F        Em
the rain and never wet your feet!
Aaug    Dm7           Eaug
They've gone about as fer 
as they can go.
A7      Dm             G7 
They've gone about as fer 
as they can go!

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C                  G7   
Everything's up to date 
          C      G7
in Kansas City
     C             E7 
They've gone about as 
fer as they can go
     D7          G7    
They got a big theatre 
     C      E7  Am
they call a burleque
G                  D7     
For fifty cents you could 
             G     F  G7
see a dandy show!
C                  G7  
One of the gals is fat 
             C        G7
and pink and pretty
    C             E7  
As round above as she 
was round below
  D7          G7                  
I could swear that she was padded 
         C        E7    Am
from her shoulder to her heel
     D               G7      
But then she started dancin' 
        C       E7      Am
and her dancin' made me feel
C    F      E7    Am    
That every single thing 
    Fm6     C    F   Em
she had was absolutely real!
Aaug     Dm7          
She went about as fer 
  Eaug       A7
as she could go
A7        Dm             
Yes, Sir! She went about 
G9             C
as fer as she could go!