CHORDS: Red Vox – Pale Blue Dot Chord Progression on Piano & Ukulele

This is the chords of Pale Blue Dot by Red Vox on Piano, Ukulele, Guitar and Keyboard.
[Verse 1]
C            Am                  F   
Far from the earth, far from the sky,
 we are no other
C          Am                    F    
Out in the dark, a lone speck of light,
 all our creation
C            Am              F        
If we're the only thing that matters,
 then all we’ll leave behind
C           Am               F
This little dot you'd barely find

[Verse 2]
C         Am               F  
We barely crawl, we try to fly,
 we're all still children
C          Am              F    
No two the same, yet all a-like, 
we are worth saving
C           Am             F      
We are the only thing that matters
 inside our little minds
C          Am              F
We are the ones we leave behind	

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Ab                         C
You are the moonlight on a mountain
Ab                       C
A grain of sand upon the beach
Ab                               C
You are the dream that lasts for-ever
Ab          G                 C
Are you the best that you can be?

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[Verse 3]
C      Am                F       Bb
Are we furthest from the mind of a creator?
C          Am                F    
If all the world’s not by de-sign, 
this is our future
C         Am               F      
We need a reason we should matter, 
and if we use our heads
C               Am              F
We'll leave the lights on after bed		

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Ab                         C
You are the moonlight on a mountain
Ab                      C
You are a wave upon the sea
Ab                            C
You picked a time that really matters
Ab            G              C
Don't fuck it up for you and me

Ab      G      C
Ab      G      C
Ab      G      C