CHORDS: Pull Over – Someone Else Chords on Piano & Ukulele

These are the chords for Someone Else by Pull Over on Piano, Ukulele, Guitar, and Keyboard
Fmaj7  Fmaj7  Cmaj7   
Cmaj7  C  C  G  G
Yesterday the world 
seemed so bright
                   C   C
The future so alluring
          G     G  Fmaj7
With its beauty
        Fmaj7          Cmaj7
For the first time in my life
Cmaj7          C
  I forgot my worries
When I was told the war 
     G    G  Fmaj7
was coming

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   Fmaj7       Cmaj7
And I was calm  as   ice,
 Cmaj7             C
Thought we'd get away
C             G     G   Fmaj7
 We would be sa-a-aaafe
   Fmaj7      Cmaj7
We didnt even know
The danger was ahead
And when you did you just 
           G   G
laughed and saaaid
F                  G
 Oooh what a fool I am
 G             C              Am  Am
You left with someone else tonight
  F                  G7
Oooooh what a fool I am

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 G           C     Em   
You left me here to  die
Em  F  F  C  C
C  C  G  G  F  F  C  
Cmaj7  C  C  G  G
Yesterday the world seemed 
so     bright
N.C.                C
The future is so alluring