CHORDS: Old 97’s – I Don’t Know What Christmas Is Chords on Piano & Ukulele

These are I Dont Know What Christmas Is chords by in Old 97’s in The Guardians Of The Galaxy Holiday Special on Piano, Ukulele, Guitar, and Keyboard.

Out on the third planet 
closest to the sun,
            Am      C         
 There’s a special celebration
 and it sounds quite
C     G     
fun A jolly old fellow 
brings toys 
                  Am      C  
to everyone on a holiday they
       G          Am
 call Christmas. Now I’m not
gunna lie it makes no sense to
 me but here’s what earthlings 
told me about this christmas
D                           Bm  
Santa is a furry freak with epic
 super powers he flies to
 every human home in
Bm              Em           
under 14 hours, He’s a master
 A         Em             A    
 burglar a pro at picking locks
 if you don’t leave milk and
A                   Bb         
cookies out he will put dung in 
      A7        D            
your socks. If you act nicely
 through the night and don’t
jump on your bed Santa comes
 with sugar plums and hurls them 
at your head but if you're
on his naughty list
 he shoots missles
           A     Em        
 at your toes he might just
 roast your chestnuts with
      Bb              A7
his powerful flame thrower

Bm                  F#    G   
Rein Rein Rein Rein Rein, Deer
                D     Bm     
 Deer Deer Deer Deer, I don’t
 know what Christmas is but
G         A7      D
Christmas time is here


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He’s compelled his creepy elves 
    Bm                     D
to do his every wish, one sought 
to be a dentist now he’s
Bm                      Em  
sleeping with the fish, Mrs.
 Clause she works the pole. 
 Em             A      Em
Plans her mans demise soon the
           A               Bb  
elves will all rise up and stab 
out Santa’s eyes

Bm          F#  G            
Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho, Eathlings are 
    D       Bm             
so weird,  I dont know what 
  F#               G         A7
Chirstmas is but Christmas time
is here
Bm          F#  G             
Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho, Earthlings are 
        D  Bm               
so weird, I donn’t know what
  F#               G
 Christmas is but Christmas
A7      D
Time is here

Bm                F#         
What the heck’s a turtle dove
     G               D
 and who lit up that deer
Bm               F#       
I don't know what Christmas 
         G         A7      D
is but Christmas time is here
Bm                F#       
I don't know what Christmas 
        G         A7      D
is but Christmas time is here