CHORDS: Novo Amor – Decimal Chord Progression on Piano & Ukulele

This is the chords of Decimal by Novo Amor on Piano, Ukulele, Guitar and Keyboard.
Em D   G C   Em D   G C

[Verse 1]
Em               D
Could you let me know?
G                  C
I could make some time if you wanted
Em                 D
Couldn't find the phone
   G                   C
I guess I got it that summer, you said
  Em         D  G                
 "I could be alright if you could
          C      Em G
  re-write my life"
C      Em                  D   
 And I said it won't phase me, 
      G               C      Em
 but I reckon I may've been wrong
G   G C   Em D   G C   Em D   G C	

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[Chorus 1]
Em                  D
  I should let this go
G               C      
I could be your water, 
        Em             D
instead I'll put on my coat
G                        C    
 'Cause I could hear you stall 
 in the way you said
       D                G     C  
"Is it alright to feel like I do, 
    Em   D   G C
at all?"

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C           Em            D
 Got caught up in the skylight
        G                   C  
And the words just all came out
     Em D   G C
G                   C
 Just called to let you know
G                    C   D
 This all is getting old

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{chorus 2]
            A             C       D
And I could be your water instead
C       D   G               D
 Let me get my head aligned
C      D        G
Let my life be worth your while
C       D      Am       G       C  C  C
Bend my arm, I won't be far at all

Em D   G C   Em D   G C
Em D   G C   Em D   G C