CHORDS: NOFX – Just The Flu Piano & Ukulele Chord Progression and Tab

This is the chords of Just The Flu by NOFX on Piano, Ukulele, Guitar and Keyboard.

Am F C G

[Verse 1]
Am               F                             C                      G
Looking back to the past predictions of the end
Am                             F                             C               G
Unseen ultraviolet rays are beating on my head
Am               F                             C                             G
Nuclear threat – wanna bet? – will be our demise
Am                             F                             C                             G
The day will come when we’ll look to apocalyptic skies

When the news had spread
Soon we’d all be dead
G                             Am
Well it just blew our minds
No one could have guessed
Our worst fears at best
Figments of our time

[Verse 2]
Am                             F               C               G
So it seems that our dreams will never come to be
Am               F               C                                           G
How could such a viral thing destroy humanity?
Am                             F                             C                             G
A few weeks until extinction, there’s nothing we can do
Am               F               C               G                             Am
A message sent to other worlds will say: “It was just the flu”
There’s no lesson to be learned
Dm               Bdim               Am
There’s no-one left to learn it