CHORDS: nep – Milk Town – Mr Carter Chords on Piano and Ukulele

These are Milk Town – Mr Carter by nep on Piano, Ukulele, Guitar & Keyboard.

[Verse 1]
A          A7
Mr. Carter likes me / Milk 
Town starts opening the shops 
around 12
D                D7
Mr. Carter kinda cares / 
everday except Sunday
A               A7
Mr. Carter does spreadsheets / 
Milk Town is a pretty nice 
town around 12
D                D7
Mr. Carter kinda swears on 
Sunday / everyday except 
A           A7
He likes to walk me to my 
car / Nobody knows it's you
D           D7
And tell me have a good 
day / in Milk Town
A                   A7
He's a pretty great guy
minus/ Nobody notices you
D          D7
the fact that he does coke 
in the bathroom / in Milk 

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[Verse 2]
A           A7
Mrs. Carter likes me / Milk 
Town has a pretty sick 
Panini shop past
D                  D7
Mrs. Carter always stares / 
the bike rack on the left
A                 A7
Mrs. Carter wears high heels 
/ Milk Town has a million 
pound treasure chest
D           D7
Mrs. Carter lets me wear 
them / Hiding underneath 
the ground, but-
A            A7
She likes to watch a movie / 
nobody cares much
D                D7
on the couch and make me 
popcorn / cause it's Milk 
A                A7
It's to make Mr. Carter 
jealous / And nobody cares 
D               D7
So when I leave they'll 
have good sex / you in 
Milk Town
A                A7
Mr. Carter kinda likes me / 
Milk Town is a convinient 
living place if
D                  D7
Mrs. Carter always stares / 
a married couple likes you
A                   A7
Mr. Carter takes the elevator / 
Milk Town has a mediocre hotel
D                    D7
Mrs. Carter takes the stairs /
With good quality cotton 
A              A7  
They think I'm young and pretty 
D                 D7
and I'm not gonna disagree 
with that (x4)