CHORDS: Michael Perry – O God Beyond All Praising Chords on Piano & Ukulele

These are the chords for O God Beyond All Praising by Michael Perry on Piano, Ukulele, Guitar, and Keyboard
  Em              G        
O God beyond all praising, 
    Em           G
we worship you today
     Em             G     
and sing the love amazing 
      Em            G
that songs cannot repay
For we can only wonder 
at every gift you send,
   G              Bm  Em    
at blessings without number 
    Am           Em  D
and mercies without end
    Em                 G      
We lift our hearts before you 
     Em              G
and wait upon your word,
    Em          G       
we honor and adore you, 
      Em           A   G
our great and mighty Lord.

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     Em                G      
Then hear, O gracious Savior, 
   Em               G
accept the love we bring,
      Em               G        
that we who know your favor may 
 Em               G
serve you as our king
and whether our tomorrows 
be filled with good or ill,
       G                   Bm  Em 
we'll triumph through our sorrows 
     Am           Em    D
and rise to bless you still.
     Em            G         
To marvel at your beauty and 
  Em            G
glory in your ways,
     Em            G   
and make a joyful duty 
       Em      A   G
our sacrifice of praise.

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