CHORDS: Mazzy Star – Common Burn Chords on Piano & Ukulele

These are the chords for Common Burn by Mazzy Star on Piano, Ukulele, Guitar, and Keyboard
Am7 CM7 G (4x)
[Verse 1]
        Am7    CM7       G
Simple things like your over coat
And your beauty
       Em           G
That's still burning me
    Am7        G
Let me hang around
Even if it's just some 
          C  G
way to have
             Am7 CM7 G
Some common burn
          Am7 Em G
A common burn

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[Verse 2]
   Am7         Em          G
So I spend the night in someone's 
That you clouded
          Am7          Em
Oh simple me that you fled
But we have that in common
Am7  CM7  G  Am7
         Am7  Em7
A common burn
That common burn
CM7 G C G Am7 CM7 (2x)

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  Am7           CM7
Aware of atoms, I said
    G           D
So many times before
     Am7            CM7
You could sit around and have
   G         D
Everything that you scored
Am7     C                  G
  Just don't come home and say
  D/A             Em
You've been asleep
 G                     Am7
When you know you're burning
        C Em
       Am7      CM7 Em
That common burn
             D   CM7 Am7 Em7
That common burn
D Gm7 Am7 Em G
Am7 CM7 Em7 (2x)