CHORDS: MARO – If I Leave Chords on Piano & Ukulele

These are the chords for If I Leave by MARO on Piano, Ukulele, Guitar, and Keyboard
Gb Ab Fm Ebm Bbm Ebm Gb Db Ab

[Verse 1]
Db   Gb
If I leave
     Ab         Am     Bbm
I'll leave this song behind
        Ebm Db
Not for all,
but for those who'll cry
Db       Gb
Please remember
  Ab Gbm Gb Bbm  Ab
I tried   my best
       Gb   Db Ab
But forgive me
            Gb      Db
Oh there is nothing left
         Gb  Db  Gb    
There is nothing left
Db Ab Ebm Db Ab

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[Verse 2]
Db   Gbmaj7
If I leave
     Ab        Gbm      Bb   Bbm7
It's not 'cause I don't care
        Ebm7   Db
There's too much
     Ab       Bbm7 Ab
That I feel I couldn't bear
Db       Gbmaj7 Eb
Please remember
    Ab      Gbm        Bbm7 Bbm
The times I smiled for you
Bb      Ebm Db Ab
But forgive me
            Gb     Gbmaj7 Db
Oh there is nothing left
         Gb Db   Ebm7 Db Ab
There is nothing left

Ebm Db Ab (3x)
Gb Ab Db Ebm Ab (10x)
Ebm7 Gb Ab F Ebm Bbm Ebm Db Ab
Bbm Fm Ab Gb Db Ab Gb

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