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12 November 2018

CHORDS: Mark Knopfler – Floating Away Piano & Ukulele Chord Progression and Tab

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This is the chord progression of Floating Away by Mark Knopfler on Piano, Ukulele, Guitar and Keyboard.

Em A | Em A | Em A | Em/G A x3
It’s the weight I’m trying
A                         Em
To get inside the frame
A     Em               A               Em/G               A
I’ve been painting a fat man
Em               A               Em
He’s big and fat and heavy
A B7 F#m7b5 B7 B7
As a man can be
C C/G Gadd9/B G/B Bm7b5
But he’s been floating away
E7       E7      Am
Floating away
D/F#               Gadd9        G          B7
He’s been floating away from me

Em              A                       Em
In the mirror my withering skin
A Em A Em/G A Em
Is a thorny pleasure
I stand unflinching
Em A  B7 Fm7b5 B7 B7
And I mark each crease and sting
C C Gadd9/B
My brush my wooden flail
G/B Bm7b5 Bm7b5 Esus4 E7 Am7
My ancient thresher
As unforgiving time
Am/E B7 B7b9/F# B7 B7
Flays everything

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It’s the truth I’m trying
A Em
To get inside the frame
A Em A Em/G A
Now I’m painting myself naked
Em A
But I need a pair of boots
Em A * B7 F#m7b5 B7 B7
About as heavy as boots can be
C C Gadd9/B G/B Bm7b5
Or I’d be floating away
E7 E7 Am
Floating away
D/F# Gadd9 G G
I’d be floating away from me
D G/B C Am D/F#
And every thorn sends thistledown
G7 G7
Drifting all around
C Gadd9/B G/B Bm7b5
And floating away
Esus4 E7 Am
Floating away
D/A G B7
Floating away from me

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