CHORDS: Linda Martell – Then I’ll Be Over You Chords on Piano & Ukulele

These are Then I’ll Be Over You chords by Linda Martell on Piano, Ukulele, Guitar, and Keyboard
 A   A/C#   Bm   E
 A    A/C#    Bm   E 
[Verse 1]
     A     Amaj7   
When I try        to
 A7   D         Dm
 go to sleep and
          A C#m D      
know that I       won't
 E* C#/E#*
F#m         A/E  D     
  awake and cry,   then
 I'll be over
A     A/C#    D     E
[Verse 2]
     A         Amaj7* A7* 
When I wake up          in
     D         Dm
 the morning
    A        C#m D     
and   I find       that
 E     C#/E#
F#m    A/E     D 
not on my mind   
then I'll be over
A      D     A      A7
       D             D+5  
If the time should arrive 
D6             D7
  when I feel alive
A       E        A 
  once again,
        A* C#/G#*
     F#m             F#m  
when each beat of my heart
 B           B
   says it's time
         Bm       Bm 
to start   again.
   E      E


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[Verse 3]
     A          Amaj7 A7 D 
When I close my eyes   
     A         C#m D    
      to sleep in someone's
 E* C#/E#*
warm   embrace      
 and I    don't
F#m      A/E   D           E
see your face,   then I'll be
     F#m  A/E D*        D*  E*
over you,       I'll be o - ver
A     A/C#       
 D Bm   Esus4 E    A