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21 July 2017

CHORDS: Khalid – Keep Me Chord progression on Piano, Guitar and Keyboard…

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Chord Progression of Keep Me by Khalid is out

This is a new song from khalid. After dropping the chords for Location, we had to post this. This song has a very calm, smooth and sweet melody.

We are going to be playing this song on C, so you can transpose your keyboard to whichever Key you want to use and also use your capo to change key with ease.

Are you Finding it difficult playing on this key? Use our Guitar & Ukulele Tab Generator to master all Chord shapes and start playing on all keys.

The chords are easy, playing on Key C the chords are:

(Verse 1)
F                                             G
Roses were your favorite flower
Am                                         C
And I couldn’t stand the scent
F                                               G
But if it’s what it takes to put a smile on your face
Am                                  C
I guess I’ll deal with it
F                                   G
You hung with the popular kids
Am                                C
And I couldn’t stand them
F                           G                          Am                                    C
But I sucked it up, because I wanted to be more than friends

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F                                               C
You should walk away with me
In your heart
Keep me in your mind
You don’t have to speak
Of our past, just
G Am
Keep me in your life
Keep me alive
Keep me alive
Am C
Keep me alive
Keep me alive
Keep me alive
Am             C
Keep me alive
F           G
Am    C
F           G
F         C

It has the same progression all through the song, so you can play other verses with the same chords

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