CHORDS: Keaton Henson – For Kiran Chords on Piano & Ukulele

These are the chords for For Kiran by Keaton Henson on Piano, Ukulele, Guitar, and Keyboard
Dm A# C
Dm A# F C
[Verse 1]
  Dm           Gm       C
We had your party today
    Dm          A#     F     C
Your brother looks the same
  Dm       A#      C
Fifteen ageing school friends
    Dm          A#       F     C
All dressed in black and grey
Dm             A#        C
You would have hated it, too
   Dm       A#               C
All anybody talked about was you
[Pre chorus]
Dm              A#          
Luke's doing well, You’d be 
     C          A#
proud if you saw him
Dm         C          A#
Carry you to your grave
Darling, when did 
        C        A#
we get so brave?

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    F       C      A#  Gm
Goodbye, friend
       F        C           A# Gm
I'll make pretend you're here
       F         C    A#  Gm
I'll miss the sound
    F       C   A#   C
Of you around
Dm A# C
Dm A#m F C
[Verse 2]
 Dm               A#    C
We made bad jokes about you
      Dm    A#      F      C
The way we always used to
         F    A#       C
Your self-disparaging mind
       Dm       A#   F  C
You've left us all behind

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  F        Gm    C
I am so sorry If I let 
you down when
    Dm            Gm     
The world was so clearly 
F           C
choking you out
         Dm         G       
When the life I was leading 
Gm       C
kept me away
      Dm            Gm     
Oh my dearest, that cannot 
   F           C          A# C
be you in the grave there
    F       C    A#
Goodbye, friend
Gm     F       C            A# Gm
I'll make pretend you're here
      F         C    A#
I'll miss the sound
    F       C    A#
Of you around
    F       C    A#
Of you around
Gm  F       C
Of you around
A# Dm F