CHORDS: Juliet McConkey – Hung The Moon Chords on Piano & Ukulele

These are the chords for Hung The Moon by Juliet McConkey on Piano, Ukulele, Guitar, and Keyboard
C G Am Em F C F G
C G Am Em F C F G
 C            G    
She was too young, 
    Am            Em
he made her feel grown
 F             C      F         G
Told her he'd never leave her alone
 C          G       Am         Em
She wasn't sure but he wanted more
      F           C         
Said it's no big deal ain't 
     F         G
you done it before?
C           G   
He said to grow 
      Am           Em
it's just what you do
    F             C   
I swear you can trust 
     F             G
me would I lie to you?
    C           G       
So she said alright but 
      Am         Em
don't make me a fool
     F              C
He thought she was pretty
      F          G            C  
She thought that he hung the moon
G Am Em F C F G

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      C             G    
Ten years down the road, 
     Am              Em
she thinks he'll propose
        F          C      
On the pillow one morning 
 F           G
shе finds a note
        C          G      
As she sits up to read in 
     Am             Em
hеr mind's eye she sees
      F        C   
That innocent girl 
     F            G
he swept off her feet
C          G         Am         Em
He saw to grow I've gotta have room
    F             C      F   
I swear that it's me oh babe 
it's not you
          C           G     
Well she tore up his words, 
     Am          Em
she felt like a fool
            F            C
'Cause he thought he needed more
     F               G           
And she thought that he hung the 
 C       G Am Em  F        G     C
moo-o-o-oon       Oh oh oh oh oh oh OH
 F                  G
Before too long he said I was wrong
Baby we should get married 
without you I'm lost
Well she's thirty-three and 
he sneaks out to cheat
While growing inside 
her is their family
     F                     G
She watches him watch the TV
     F                   G      C
And realises she has to lea-ea-eave

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        C            G     
So she packs a few things, 
 Am            Em
slips off her ring
    F                  C      
He comes through the doorway, 
      F            G
baby what are you thinking?
        C          G     
Please stay he implores, 
     Am            Em
his knees hit the floor
But she's not that 
 C        F       G
innocent girl anymore
 C           G   
She said to grow 
      Am         Em
I've gotta have room
      F           C      
Shame on me for thinking 
      F        G  G
that you-ou-ou-ou
C G Am Em F G C C
C G Am Em F G C  F C