CHORDS: JD Clayton – This Old Guitar Chords on Piano & Ukulele

These are This Old Guitar chords by JD Clayton on Piano, Ukulele, Guitar, and Keyboard.
C  G  Am  Em
F  G  C G Am
F  G
[Verse 1]
C           G            
This old guitar taught me
    Am     Em
 to sing a love song,
F                   G    
It showed me how to laugh 
            C  G Am
and how to cry.
        F                G      
It introduced me to some friends 
of mine and brightened 
up some days.
F                    G      
It helped me make it through 
some lonely nights.
       F                   G   
What a friend to have on a cold 
            C    G Am  F  G
and lonely night
[Verse 2]
C           G              Am   
This old guitar gave me my lovely
  Em    F                G  
 lady, it opened up her eyes
 and ears to me.
F                     G         
It brought us close together and 
   C        G         Am
I guess it broke her heart,
F                G           
It opened up the space for us
      Am       F               
 to be, what a lovely place and 
 G               C G Am  F  G
lovely space to be.
[Verse 3]
C           G              Am    
This old guitar gave me my life my
  Em     F                
 living all the things you
  G              C G Am
 know I love to do
   F            G               
To serenade the stars that shine
 from a sunny mountainside,
F               G            
Most of all, to sing my songs 
        Am F         G
for you,  I love to sing 
my songs for you,
      Am            F     
Yes I do, you know, I love 
to sing my songs for you.
G  Am  F  G   C