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14 April 2017

CHORDS: How to Play Shekinah Glory Ministry – Before the Throne…

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This is the chord progression. Using sofas, on key C. Put ON your keyboard or piano, tone your guitar or whatever musical instrument and play along.

Before The Throne

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Lah doh mi (Lah)
Reh soh reh mi (Lah)
Before the throne(fah)
is where we come(soh-Lah)
to offer praise (soh-fah)
and seek wisdom(soh-Lah-Ti)
You have torn the veil(doh’ mii fah)
that separates(soh lah)
No more outside(soh fah)
now in Your grace.(reh lah)

Before the throne is where we come to offer praise and seek wisdom
You have torn the veil that separates
No more outside now in Your grace
So we bow(doh) as we enter(ti) the throne room(lah)
And we cast(doh) ourselves down(ti) at Your feet(taw)
We cry holy(doh), thou art holy(ti), there is none(lah) like(soh) thee.( fah)
In Your presence(fah) is where(soh) we must be(lah)

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