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11 May 2017

CHORDS: How to play James Arthur – say you won’t let go on Piano or Keyboard, guitar and other instruments…

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We are going to be playing James Arthur say you won’t let go on this post. We are playing on Key C. The original key is actually on G.. But I prefer posting chords on C and with solfas becausenof beginners.

The progression is Cmaj Gmaj Amin Fmaj, which in solfa notations is Doh Soh Lah Fah. So tune your guitar, put on your keyboard and play along.

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​(Doh) I met you in the dark

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(Soh) You lit me up

(Lah) You made me feel as though

I was enough (fah)

(Doh) We danced the night away

(Soh) We drank too much

(Lah) I held your hair back when

You were throwing up (fah)

(Doh) Then you smiled over your shoulder

(Soh) For a minute I was stone-cold sober

(Lah) I pulled you closer to my chest (fah)

(Doh) And you asked me to stay over

(Soh) I said, I already told you

(Lah) I think that you should get some rest (fah)

(Doh) I knew I loved you then

(Soh) But you’d never know

(Lah) ‘Cause I played it cool when I was scared of letting go (fah)

(Doh) I knew I needed you

(Soh) But I never showed

(Lah) But I wanna stay with you 

Until we’re grey and old (fah)


(Doh) Just say you won’t let go (Soh)

(Lah) Just say you won’t let go (fah)

The remaining part of the song is still on the same progression. Enjoy while you play. 

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  1. Praise igbedion

    Tanks bro i really needed this. Pls do help with rain on us by john pkee.Tnks #praisekeyz