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11 October 2018

CHORDS: Gregory Alan Isakov – Southern Star Piano & Ukulele Chord Progression and Tab

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This is the chord progression of Southern Star by Gregory Alan Isakov on Piano, Ukulele, Guitar and Keyboard.


[Verse 1]
C              Em              C               Em
Oh my drunken southern star
C              Em                 C         G
How you tried to hide in darkness
C                           G
Slipped from orbit
D              C              G      C       G
Now you’re dangerously close

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[Verse 2]
C                           Em
Come out, come out
C                           Em
From all your hiding out
C                           Em
We’ll dig in our heels
C                           G
Salute the battlefields
D              C              G              C              G
Where our broken hearts were born, oh

And the storm clouds are thirsty
Em                                        C                           Em
I can see them bursting, watch them gathering light
C                           Em                           D                           C
And the walls in the bedroom now are pounding out
C                 Em                           C                          Em
Were we broken open baby, maybe just a crack
C              Em      D              C              G              C              G
Swore I heard you whisper that you preferred us like that, oh

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C Em C Em C Em D C
C Em C Em C Em D C G C G

[Verse 3]
C              Em          C   Em
My broken open child
C              Em              C                           G
Were we thirsty, thorned with wild eyes
C                           G              D              C              G
Still, we are slaves to the sirens of the salty sea
Oh, oh, oh,

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