CHORDS: Greg Gonzalez – Yellow Roses Chords on Piano & Ukulele

These are Yellow Roses chords by Greg Gonzalez on Piano, Ukulele, Guitar, and Keyboard.
[Verse 1]
A             E
Yellow roses, when 
you hold them
In the streams with 
   F#m       E
a bottle of wine
A               E
All the golden, yellow roses
In the fields with the
 F#m        E
 sun in our eyes
            D   E   
When you think, what 
            A       F#m
love's all about?
        D             E   
I don't know, but I'm glad 
                 A       E
you're hanging 'round
[Verse 2]
 A             E
In the sunset, with your new pet
You're saying just it's
     F#m          E
 the time of your life
A              E
In the golden, yellow roses
D               F#m  
With your hands cast
 out to the sky
            D   E     
Like you're my, doctor
          A    F#m
 sent for me
        D             E   
All the sun, and the clouds 
     A         A7
in harmony
E             F#m
We know we're going through
D                   A
Something that we can't endure
E             F#m
Yellow roses, all in bloom
D                E       A
Take my love and make it true
[Instrumental Bridge]
A E D F#m E
A E D F#m E
[Verse 3]
       D      E    
Do you think, turn 
           A       F#m
this train around
          D     E  
Sound the bell, for 
         A     E
another town
[Verse 4]
A                     E
There are times when, no
 one knows it
D                F#m     
Shut my eyes try waltzing
A                   E
Through the golden, yellow 
D                  F#m 
And pretend you're with

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 me again
       D     E      
But I can't, seem to
         A     F#m
 get it right
           D     E       
You're not here, standing 
       A    F#m
by my side
       D    E          
Now I know, what love's
     A       F#m
 all about
         D      E     
It's the thing, I just 
can't do without