CHORDS: Ginger Newton – County Line Chords on Piano & Ukulele

These are the chords for County Line by Ginger Newton on Piano, Ukulele, Guitar, and Keyboard
G               D
Come on jump in baby
C                   G
Let's take a little ride
G                      D
Put the pedal to the metal          
C                       G
Let's get this gravel flyin'
G                      D
If we hang around this town
C                     G
We're gonna lose our minds
G                        D
Let's get these wheels spinnin'
C                     G
Towards that county line

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The stars are coming out
D                   C
The moon is way up high
The radio is playin'
Our favorite songs tonight
I  can see that green sign up ahead
G               C
Shinin' like a light
Rollin' down this highwqy
G                      C
Our future's burnin' bright
G             D       
We just gotta make it 
          C       G
past that county line

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Come on let's get away
Let's leave this town behind
Gotta put some miles behind us
Let's stop wastin' time
Look in that rearview baby
G                        C
There goes that county line
G                 D
It's forever up ahead
We made it out alive
G               D           
Cuz we already made it past 
         C    G
that county line