CHORDS: Final Fantasy Vii – Hollow Piano & Ukulele Chord Progression and Tab

This is the chords of Hollow by Final Fantasy Vii on Piano, Ukulele, Guitar and Keyboard.

A                      Em
I would be Lost. Drifiting Along
A                 C                 Em
Floating up high. Time after time.
A                                                 Em
And you’d be there, Shining Brightly
D                                                 A
Your Smiling Face. To guide my way.

Cmaj7 Em Cmaj7 Em
A                                                 Em
Bloodied and Bruised. Brought to my knees
A                                 C                    Em
When beaten down. When broken up.
A                                               Em
Would you appear. Reach out to me
D                                                                 A
Heal every wound. And make me whole

D                                                 Em
Was it all a dream? Will I ever Know?
Bm                 D                 C
Foolish and Blind To everything
Am                 C                                 Em
Had I realised Had I thought it through.
A                                                 C
Would you be here? In my embrace?

Em                 G                 A
Shine Bright Once more
C      D                 Em
Guide me To you
Em                 G                 A
Smile Bright. Once more
C                 D                 Em
This time I will never let you go
Em A C Em
A C Em A
A C Em

D Em
With you every smile Hiding something more.
Bm D C
Dark Mysteries Lurking beneath.
Am C Em
But I was consumed With this emptiness.
This Selfishness. To fill the void.

Em G A
Hear me Once more
C D Em
Show me Your smile
Em G A
This time For sure
C D Em
I’ll see The truth hidden in your tears
Em G A
But I… I Know
C D Em
That you’re Long Gone
Em G A
But I… I Will
C D Em
Go on… Howling & Hollow