CHORDS: Elliott Smith – I Didnt Understand Chords on Piano & Ukulele

These are the chords for I Didnt Understand by Elliott Smith on Piano, Ukulele, Guitar, and Keyboard
Am  Dm     Bb  C  C#dim  Dm  F7/Eb
Dm  Dm7/C  Bb
[Verse 1]
Am         Dm       Bb       C  
   Thought you'd be looking for 
       C#dim   Dm      F7/Eb
   the next in line to love
       Dm         Dm7/C            Bb
Then ignore, put ou---t, and put away
    Am       Dm      Bb       C  
And so you'd soon be leaving me, 
 C#dim     Dm     F7/Eb
alone like I'm supposed to be
  Dm               Dm7/C     Bb
Tonight, tomorrow, and everyday
[Refrain 1]
   There's nothing here 
   that you'll miss
      Gm            F
I can guarantee you this
     Gm         Dm
Is a cloud of smoke
C7                    F
   Trying to occupy space
Gm             F
What a fucking joke
Gm             Am  
What a fucking joke
Dm  Bb  C  C#dim  Dm  F7/Eb
Dm  Dm7/C  Bb

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[Verse 2]
  Am     Dm    Bb     
I waited for a bus to 
 C  C#dim    Dm      F7/Eb
separate the both of us
             Dm       Dm7/C     Bb
And take me off, far away from you
         Am       Dm    Bb     
Cause my feelings never change 
   C     C#dim  Dm        F7/Eb
a bit, I always feel like shit
I don't know why, 
             Dm7/C   Bb
I guess that I just do
[Refrain 2]
A#sus2b5                        F
   You once talked to me about love
        Gm               F
And you painted pictures of
  Gm           Dm
A Never Never Land
C7                              F
   And I could've gone to that place
      Gm          F
But I didn't understand
  Bb          F
I didn't understand
  Gm          [Outro Riff]
I didn't understand

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