CHORDS: Duster – Something That I Need Chords on Piano & Ukulele

These are the chords for Something That I Need by Duster on Piano, Ukulele, Guitar, and Keyboard
Bb       Gm F C
Dm       F A
[Verse 1]
Dm                 A
As this all began
Started making up 
        F     A  Dm
what I wanted to be
         F     A   Dm
What I wanted to be
Bb           A
Wandering around
       Bb        Gm  
I was trying to find 
            F   A    Dm
something that I need
           F   A    Dm
Something that I need

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[Verse 2]
C7            Bb
   But you haven't 
   tried anything else
            F        A   Dm
’Till you been with the one
 F        A   Dm
Been with the one
 Bb         Am        
Started to run to the 
 Bb          Gm
one that I wanted
       F   A   Dm
Never opening eyes
        F   A    Dm
Never open your eyes
Dm     F A

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