CHORDS: David Gilmour – Yes I Have Ghosts Chords on Piano & Ukulele

This is the chords of Yes I Have Ghosts by David Gilmour on Piano, Ukulele, Guitar and Keyboard.
    G                D
The heat of the sun stayed on through the night
F                           Em
Made specters of strangers playing games with my sight
  G                             D
I passed through the station, a face in the crowd
     F                       Em
The whistle was blowing, the barrier came down
G                      D
There was my baby, in another's embrace
  F                       Em
I called out her name in shame and disgrace
Am           G          F
Yes, i have ghosts, not all of them dead
       Am         G
Making dust of my dreams
         F          Em
Spinning round and around
Around in my head	

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G                    D
Train on the tracks, teeth of the zip
     F                         Em
The slider moves down, we were joined at the hip
G                        D
Stealing the groove, the widening gap
  F                      C
Unfastening rails from a past with no map
Am           G         F
Yes, i have ghosts, a fleeting sight
     Am         G
It's always the living
         F           Em
That are haunting my nights
D  Am G F  Am G F Em  D

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G                            D
Where is the sweet soul that you used to be
F                          Em
Gone like a thistle that's blown on the breeze
  G                          D
I guess when it's over, this haunting will end
    F                        C
The waiting, the baiting, my killer, my friend	

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Am           G          F
Yes, i have ghosts, not all of them dead
         Am           G
And they dance by the moon
           F            Em           D
Millstones white as the sheet, on my bed
D  G  D  F  C
Am G F  Am G F Em
D  G  D  F  Em
G  D  F  C  G  D