CHORDS: Bob Fitts – The Lord Reigns Chords on Piano & Ukulele

This is the chords of The Lord Reigns by Bob Fitts on Piano, Ukulele, Guitar and Keyboard.
D – A – D – A (2X)
        D  A    D   A    
The Lord reigns, the Lord 
    D  A    D  A        D  A     D
reigns, the Lord reigns
    G         D            
Let the earth rejoice, let 
      G       D
the earth rejoice
                G         A
Let the earth rejoice
                    G  G/F# 
Let the people be glad      
 Em7 G/A      A          D      A   D
       that our God reigns
[Verse 1]
    A      Em/D D               
A fire goes before Him and burns
          A                    Em/D   D
 up all His enemies
The hills melt like wax at 
   D                  G                        A
the presence of the Lord
              G                          A
At the presence of the Lord

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[Verse 2]
The heavens declare His 
                       Em/D       D
         A             Em/D  D
The people see His glo - ry
For You O Lord are exalted, over 
    D                 G           A
all the earth
           G          A
Over all the earth

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G       A     D
Our God reigns 
G       A     D
Our God reigns 
G       A     D
Our God reigns