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15 April 2017

Arsenal Unable to Qualify For UEFA Champions League…

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Arsenal not finishing top four will land the premiership giant in a very awkward condition. With Leicester advancing to champions league semi final, although they will qualify for semi final if only they can beat Athletico Madrid in their next champions league quarter final match.

Gunners who are currently in 7th position are currently struggling to win matches, and it has been predicted that the gunners will end up not qualify for UEFA Champions League next season.

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Key players such as Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil are currently not in form and both players have been linked with a move outside the Emirates. Sanchez has been linked with a move to Chelsea and other big names. For Ozil it seems he wants a move back to Real Madrid, with Madrid currently doing well and Ozil not doing well, I doubt the move will ever happen.

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Arsenal fans should keep their fingers crossed, Wining their next match do not guarantee them being in the top 6. Top 4 will be a dream come true.

Arsene Wenger might not be going anywhere this season so Arsenal fans should consider the fact that Arsenal is doomed for now.


Written by an Arsenal Fan.

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