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25 August 2017


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Our Ebook will be coming out next month and we just want to let you guys know that it is going to contain nothing less than 300-400 chords and about 100-200 Solfas or Notes of your favourite songs, both gospel and commercial song. And the cost of the Ebook is going to be very very cheap and afordable.

These are few chord progressions you should know how to play as an African, check them out below and do not forget to like our facebook page and also join our whatsapp group for latest chords and request

Before The Throne Chord Progression – Shekinah Glory Ministry

Before the throne(fah)
is where we come(soh-Lah)
to offer praise (soh-fah)
and seek wisdom(soh-Lah-Ti)
You have torn the veil(doh’ mii fah)
that separates(soh lah)
No more outside(soh fah)
now in Your grace.(reh lah)
Before the throne is where we come to offer praise and seek wisdom
You have torn the veil that separates
No more outside now in Your grace
So we bow(doh) as we enter(ti) the throne room(lah)
And we cast(doh) ourselves down(ti) at Your feet(taw)
We cry holy(doh), thou art holy(ti), there is none(lah) like(soh) thee.( fah)
In Your presence(fah) is where(soh) we must be(lah)

Are you Finding it difficult playing on this key? Use our Guitar & Ukulele Tab Generator to master all Chord shapes and start playing on all keys.

Glorious God Chord Progression
Glorious God(reh)
Beautiful king(doh)
Glorious God(reh) we bow before your throne(doh)

do do do; Oghene do Chord Progression
doo doo doo
lah(lah) doh
Oghene do
Oghene do

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Our God is an awesome God Chord Progression
Our God(fah) is an Awesome(doh) God
He Reigns(soh) from heaven(lah) above
With(fah) Wisdom(doh)pow’r and love(soh)
Our God(reh) is an(mi) Awesome God(lah)

Amazing Grace Chord Progression
Amazing(doh) Grace(mi), how sweet(soh) the sound(doh),
That saved(doh) a wretch(lah) like me(soh),
I once(soh) was lost(doh) but now(doh) am found(soh),
Was blind(doh), but now(soh), I see(doh).

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